Lone Star Lass

Rachel Van Ryder is the Lone Star Lass making Cake Balls for your special event.  Each Cake Balls is made by hand and tested by her husband to ensure you receive only the best quality product.

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Current Flavors Include:

  • Chocolate Abyss - Ghiradelli Chocolate Cake Balls dipped in Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate.
  • Chocolate Mint - The Chocolate Abyss rolled in crushed peppermint and sprinkled with crushed peppermint. (recently compared to a a certain scout mint chocolate cookie) 
  • Great Divide - Ghiradelli Chocolate Cake Balls dipped in Ghiradelli White Chocolate.
  • Siren’s Kiss - Ghiradelli Chocolate Cake Balls dipped in caramel before being covered in Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate.
  • Key Lime Pie - Key Lime Curd mixed with home baked Snicker Doodle cookies covered in Ghiradelli White Chocolate.
  • Red Velvet - Red Velvet Cake Balls dipped in Ghiradelli White Chocolate.
  • Lemon Silk - Fresh Lemon Cake with a light lemon frosting dipped in Ghiradelli White Chocolate.
  • Pumpkin Roll - Pumpkin Roll Cake with a cream cheese frosting and pecans dipped in Ghiradelli White Chocolate. 

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Each Cake Ball weighs 1.1 oz, but taste like a pound of chocolate has been stuffed into a 3-bite shell.

Rachel has tweaked, toned and perfected her recipe for her cakes over the last two years and is finally comfortable with sharing them with the public.

The results are astounding.  

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Some favorite ways of eating them:

  • Straight out of the freezers (Peter's Favorite)
  • From the Fridge (Rachel's Preference)
  • 5 Seconds in the Microwave (Uncle's idea of perfect)

$25.00 per Dozen 

$30.00 per Mixed Dozen

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**Discounts apply for large orders, shipping extra

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Recently featured at the DEMA Dallas Holiday Networking Event.  And at the DEMA Detroit Holiday Event.

I have had the opportunity to taste the Chocolate Cake Balls at an event and they were delicious!!!!! We plan on having Easter Brunch over at my Boss's home and I am ordering to serve to the kids.  

-Gayla F. - Certified Household Manager - Dallas, TX

These will make you smile over and over as each wave of ecstasy hits you!

Julie C. - Dallas, TX

These Cake Balls are to DREEEEEAAAAAAMMMM for.  Worth every bite!

-Stephanie K. - Los Angeles, CA

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